Community Rewards

At Russ’s Market, we realize that our defining strength has been the special relationship between our customers and our associates. A tight bond and a shared heartbeat for the community we live in has been the signature of this group of people that embodies Russ’s Market. We’ve put a name to this group – Russ’s Community – and began to bring them together with our new program, Russ’s Community Rewards. We opened up new ways for Russ’s Community to work together as a single unit to make a better Lincoln. The results have been humbling, and we are excited to grow Russ’s Community as a collective force for positive change in our community.

Helping our people

Developing our youth

Protecting our animals

Promoting our culture


You will now be able to earn Russ’s Community Points for the groceries you purchase, every time you shop.

Along with using them for bargain buys in the store, you can join Russ’s Community by redeeming these points to meet a need in our neighborhood.

Furthermore, whenever you use your points to benefit our community, Russ’s Market will come along side you and match your point spend, doubling your contribution to make a bigger difference in our community.

Russ’s Community Rewards is completely free to join. Be an agent of change in your neighborhood.