Lincoln Community Organizations

Lincoln Community Organizations 

Food Bank of Lincoln

People’s City Mission

Center for People in Need

Wildlife Rescue Team

3 meals to a person in need.

Toothbrush to a person in need.

$35 of personal care products.

Feed an orphaned squirrel or songbird.

Lincoln Community Playhouse

The Bridge

Jacob’s Well

Penguin Project

Withdrawal medication for a person in need

Meeting needs in downtown Lincoln

Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters

Pioneers Park Nature Center


Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries

Big/Little match

Feed a bison for a day

Fight homelessness with treatment

Children’s book donated


Voices of Hope



Lincoln Children’s Zoo

One day’s court costs to advocate for a child

Sponsor 24 crisis line for one hour

Help a child receive a service dog

Youth academic support for a day

Feed Johnny the Serval


Capital Humane Society

Catholic Social Services

City Impact

Socks or underwear to a child entering care

Feed 25 kittens

Utility assistance to a person in need

Sponsor Impact Reading Center

Clinic with a Heart

American Red Cross

Friendship Home

Houses of Hope

1 month’s prescriptions for a person in need

Smoke alarm for an at risk home

Day and night of shelter and 3 meals

Day’s lodging and food at Houses of Hope