Supermarket Beef Prices Expected to Decline in Time for Summer Grilling

Lincoln, Neb.—April 6, 2016—Beef lovers may be in for a treat just in time for Summer grilling season; lower prices on their favorite cuts. Dave Shuman, director of meat operations for Russ’s Market, expects the price of middle meat cuts such as New York strip, Ribeye and T-Bone to decline over the next several weeks.

“We’re already seeing a downward price trend for ground beef and some of the roasts,” Shuman said. “Overall, the cattle supply is stronger now than in recent years and that will eventually lead to lower prices on popular grilling steaks like New York strips and T-Bones.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture expects American consumers to eat more beef in 2016. In a report issued in March, the USDA predicts per capita consumption of 54.3 pounds, a .4-pound increase over 2015.

This week, Russ’s Market is unveiling Certified Hereford Beef at all locations. Shuman says the switch to Hereford beef is “an opportunity to give our customers the best possible eating experience.”

“Research by Colorado State University ranked Hereford beef number one for tenderness, juiciness and flavor,” said Shuman. “As a meat cutter and avid griller, I can say the texture and marbling of this beef is outstanding.”

The locally-raised, USDA Choice, Hereford beef will be sold at Russ’s Market under the 1881 Omaha Hereford label, provided by Greater Omaha Packing.

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