Below are some frequently asked questions about our transition from the Russ’s Privilege Plus card to the Russ’s Community Rewards card.

For the past fifty years, the core of Russ’s Market has always been community.  We have redesigned our loyalty program to channel who we have always been, and to give ourselves and our customers a chance to make our community a better place to live.

We are removing the “Russ’s Card requirement” to get the great deals on our sale items.  We will continue to have the same exciting deals and sales we have always had, but we will be opening these sales up to everyone, and no longer requiring the Russ’s Card to get them.

Both new customers and current Russ’s Privilege Plus members can sign up for a Russ’s Community Rewards card with any cashier or at the customer service desk.  An associate will give you a new card, and you will be able to fill out the application form either in the store or online.

Just stop by the customer service desk!  We are able to provide replacement keytags at any time, and we even have a variety of designs for you to choose from.

Russ’s Community Points and Fuel Rewards are earned simply by shopping at our store.  Almost all of the groceries that you already buy will be eligible for these programs.  Items which are not considered eligible towards points and fuel rewards include:  courtesy counter services, gift and phone cards, postage, TicketMaster, lottery, video sales and rentals, tobacco, third party pharmacy payments, taxes, and fuel. Customers earn ten Russ’s Community Points for every dollar in eligible spending they make at Russ’s Market AND Customers earn a Russ’s Market Fuel Reward of one cent off per gallon for every ten dollars in eligible spending they make at a Russ’s Market.

If a Russ’s Market Fuel Rewards discount isn’t used, it will expire 30 days from the date of purchase.  Russ’s Community Points have no expiration date, and will only expire if your Russ’s Community Rewards account is inactive (your account becomes inactive if you have made no grocery purchases or Russ’s Community Points redemptions for six months).

Russ’s Community Points can be redeemed either to bring home great bargain buys or to support our community through local non-profit organizations.  We have partnered with sixteen local organizations that give back to the community.  Each organization we’ve partnered with has crafted a specific offer to make our community a better place, and you can redeem your points to sponsor or fulfill that offer.  Furthermore, when you use your points towards one of these community offers, Russ’s Market matches your point spend, doubling your contribution!  Beyond that, we will also be advertising bargain buys on items in the store that you can get for free or at a steep discount with your Russ’s Community Points, so keep your eyes peeled!