Apples for the Students

How the program works….

“Apples for the Students” helps to bridge that gap. Participating schools can earn/receive equipment ranging from pencils, crayons, sporting goods, science related equipment, electronics, computer related items and much more.

Join with us and help stimulate a more positive environment for our local schools, students, faculty, and staff. Collect receipts from Russ’s Market stores to help schools earn FREE educational awards!

The enrollment process

The enrollment process is simple:

  1. Each participating school should assign a “Coordinator” (parent liaison or PTA/PTO group) to lead this campaign.
  2. Coordinator has the option of logging onto aftsAWG.comor calling our toll-free number at 800.999.7750 to speak with a representative who can provide enrollment assistance.
  3. An eKit containing program information, instructions, downloads, etc. will be transmitted to the Coordinator once enrolled.
  4. It is the Coordinator’s responsibility to “advertise” the school’s participation in “Apples for the Students” to ALL school supporters (parents, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.,) encourage them to shop at your local sponsoring supermarket and submit their register receipts to the school.
  5. The school then redeems the collected receipts for FREE awards, delivered directly to the school.