Rewards Frequent Asked Questions

Rewards card points related questions

Russ’s Rewards program is available only at the Lincoln, Waverly and Hastings locations.

Do I need a card to shop at Russ’s Market store?

No, but you can earn extra points by using the Russ’s Rewards card while you shop at the Lincoln, Hasting or Waverly locations. Points can be redeemed for fuel discounts or a $5 discount at check out.

How do I get the $5 discount at Russ’s Market store?

You can use the $5 discount at the check out when you have accumulated 2,500 or more points.  Ask our cashier at the check out counter if you have enough points to receive a $5 discount.

Do I still need to load fuel discount to my card at the register?

No, fuel rewards will work automatically at the pump. You will need to insert your Russ’s Rewards card at the pump to redeem your points.

Do points expire?

Yes, all Rewards points will expire 90 days after they are earned.

Where can I track my points?

You can use the email to register or login to the Russ’s Market website, then go to My Account > My Rewards to view how many points you have on the account balance.



Fuel Discount related questions

Where can I redeem fuel discounts?

Fuel discounts can be redeemed at Russ’s Fuel Express, any or at Quick Lane Sinclair at Hastings.

Do I still need to load fuel discounts to my card at the register?

No, fuel discount will work automatically at the pump by inserting your Russ’s Reward card.

Troubleshooting during registeration on the website or app

When I sign in to or Russ’s Market app, I saw an error that says “Card Not Registered”. How do I fix that?

It is possible your card is active but has not linked to your email account. Please verify that the email address you use for the card registration is the same email address that has been used on the website or app.

If you have more than one household member using the same card number, then:

  • Each household member will need to share the same user ID and password in order to access all of the features available at Russ’s and the Russ’s Market App.
  • You can give us a call or go to Connect with us about your account problem. We will help you resolve the card registration issue.