Butcher Shoppe

Visit the Butcher Shoppe

Our professional team of butchers cut and grind our pork and USDA choice beef in-house every day so our customers can enjoy the excellent taste. The expert butchers in our Butcher Shopper also help you decide on the best cut for your needs, and they have plenty of suggestions for how to prepare your meal.

USDA Choice Beef

High quality, USDA Choice beef. Cut in store everyday by our expert butchers. They can help you find the perfect cut for your meal and give preparation tips/ideas.

Ground Beef

Our ground beef is the difference! High quality ground beef, ground fresh in store throughout the day.

Smithfield All Natural Pork

Our entire selection of Smithfield All Natural Pork carries USDA verification for having no added coloring, artificial ingredients, or unnecessary processing. We guarantee you’ll love Smithfield’s excellent quality and consistent flavor for your next family meal or gathering.


We carefully select only the finest fresh and frozen shrimp and fish to offer our Butcher Shoppe customers. Check your local Butcher Shoppe for this reliably delicious salmon.

Savings at the Butcher Shoppe

We are proud of our skilled and professional meat cutters and high-quality meat and seafood products at Russ’s Market. If you want the freshest, best-tasting meat and seafood, your next stop should be the Butcher Shoppe in Russ’s Market.

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