Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

It takes just a few minutes to show kids how much we love them. A special breakfast or afternoon snack

goes a long way to make them feel special. Give these a try for the perfect Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Breakfast Banana SplitIMG_20140206_204829_230-300x224


Cut about 1/4 of the banana, curve side up, then scoop it out with a melon baller. Sometimes I use a

teaspoon with a narrow banana to make a deeper groove. Fill it with sliced strawberries, blueberries & raspberries. Top with whip cream & a marachino cherry.


Sweet Snack Mix


This is a recipe from my cousin Misty. The kids & IIMG_20140206_202316_506-300x224

tried it at her house and weeks later found ourselves

searching the internet for the recipe. Wasn’t it some

sort of chex mix, like puppy chow but better? Nope, as

Misty explained, there’s no chex mix in it at all. It is

known as “Corny Snack Mix” because every

ingredient besides the candy is made from corn.


4 quarts white popcornIMG_20140206_201009_267-300x224

1 large bag Fritos

4 cups Corn Pops cereal

2 large bags of red “Valentine’s” Peanut M&M candies

1 package almond bark


Mix together all ingredients except almond bark. Melt

almond bark according to package instructions and

drizzle over all your ingredients. Mix together very

well. Package in cute containers for Valentine’s. If

peanut allergies are a concern use regular M&Ms. You

can use different colored candies for any holiday

(pastel for Easter, red, white & blue for July 4th, red &

green for Christmas). I always give this recipe as a gift

and they always ask for more!


Hugs & Kisses FloatIMG_20140206_210954_563-225x300


I like to use these fun glass bottles (they use to contain coffee drinks).

Add 4 small scoops of ice cream


Fill the bottle 3/4 full with strawberry soda (it will be fizzy).

Top with whip cream & a marachino cherry.




Share and EnjoyIMG_20140206_211557_709-225x300