Apples For Students

Collect receipts from Russ’s Market stores to help schools earn FREE education awards! Learn More!

Hometown Helpers

Russ’s Market is happy to be a responsible and giving corporate citizen. Our associates are encouraged to give of their time and talents to help organizations that support good and worthy causes. As an organization, we have focused our giving into the following areas: eliminating hunger, educating children, and serving specific community needs.

Food Bank

Russ’s Market supports food banks with in-kind product donations and financial contributions.

Education and Youth Programs

Support is given to human service agencies that provide services to people in need in our communities. Priority is given to projects that directly benefit children, promote the education of children, or encourage the positive development of children.

Community Development

Support for operations or projects is granted to community and civic organizations that focus on civic involvement, citizen participation, or positive improvements that benefit the entire community.

Hometown or Neighborhood Activities

Support for projects is granted to local grassroots organizations that focus their efforts on improving their immediate community through activities that benefit families in their hometowns or neighborhoods. We also encourage our associates to support local organizations on an individual basis.


Our Best Choice Save-a-Label program generates 3 cents to the group for each label collected and redeemed. See stores for details on this program.

Scrip Program

Russ’s Market works with schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations by selling store gift cards at a discount to the organization. For more information on this program, please call the Russ’s Market Scrip Coordinator at (402) 464-6297. FOR A LIMITED TIME – Receive even more back for your organization! More information is available HERE.

Hot Dog Stands

From time to time, our stores work with nonprofit groups who want to staff hot dog stands at the front of the store. The benefits are twofold, as the group receives monetary support and public exposure. See your neighborhood Russ’s Market store director to schedule an event.

Want to partner with Russ’s Market?

Whether your program affects a particular neighborhood or the entire community, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Confirm your request fits within our areas of focus described above. Do we have what you need (food, flowers, photo, etc.)?
  2. Submit a request in writing on your organization’s letterhead, or pick up and complete a Donation Request Form from the Russ’s Market location you shop at most often. Be sure to include the date of the event, purpose, what you need from us (product, advertising, cash), a copy of your 501(c)3 status, name, address, Russ’s Rewards Card number, and daytime phone of a contact person. Drop it off at the Customer Service Desk store you most frequently shop at.
  3. Plan ahead and be patient. There are only a couple of people handling hundreds of requests, but in most cases we’ll get back to you in about eight weeks for large requests and four weeks for small donations. Major sponsorships require advance planning of six months.
    We give every request thoughtful consideration.

Russ’s Market is unable to provide support to for-profit organizations and third-party organizations. It is Russ’s Market’s policy to support the nonprofit organization directly.