Local Farmers

A&T Farms is located in Valley, Nebraska. Tyler is known for his high quality cucumbers, cantaloupes & watermelons.

A&T Farms produce was grown along the Platte River bottom for the first seven years of production, offering sandy ground that allowed plants to produce more abundantly. In 2009, A&T Farms acquired land near the Elkhorn River that contains deep, nutrient-rich soil ideal for growing quality produce.

In 2010, Tyler and his wife, Pamela, along with then 1 year old daughter Naom (now 9)i took over 100% of the business as Alex decided to take another path in his career. Since then, the farm has expanded from 10 acres to 100, creating a significant increase of available products, as well as a larger staff. The farm went from 2 employees to 6 full-time and 30 seasonal workers. Tyler’s family has grown as well to  include Tessa, Jadyn and Callie.

Daniels Produce

Daniels Produce Columbus Nebraska

By starting to load the ripe watermelons in the back of a pick-up and sit in the parking lot; Daniels Produce, a family business began their grower journey with tomatoes, cantaloupe and cucumbers. Daniels Produce’s sweet corn is well-known in Nebraska regional favorite. The family hand-picked everything to maintain quality and vowed never to use picking machines that would decrease the quality of the products. Now, Daniel Produce’s raise 530 acres of sweet corn and 230 acres of pumpkins. You will find his 25 years of farming with his family efforts on Russ’s Market’s fresh produce shelves daily.

Suntastic Tomatoes

Suntastic, O’Neil Nebraska

Known as Huron Produce, the started in 1967 began with 125 acres of farmland grower in Nebraska. Huron Produce is an international greenhouse grower known for the best in class tomatoes in mid-west region.  The tomatoes includes Beefsteak, Tomatoes on the Vine, Flavorino (a cross between a roma and a cherry-unique) Green tomatoes, Tomato Medley, Cocktail tomato and Grape tomato.

Suntastic tomatoes are non GMO seeds utilized, it has utilize its engineering leading greenhouse growing technology to grow without pesticides, pollinated by bees. All excess irrigation water and nutrients are recycled by sanitizing and distributing back into the plants.