Re-Registration Guide

Re-Registration Step by step guide

The Russ’s Market website was recently changed to an upgraded platform. To keep our customer’s information private, you need to re-create your profile on the website.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through this new website. If you have your Russ’s website password with you, just to review the following to complete the Re-Registration.

Step 1: To re-register you need to CREATE ACCOUNT.

This is a re-create the Russ’s Market’s account by using the same email address. After you click on Create Account, there will be a form shown under Step 2.

Step 2: Type in your name and email address use in the Russ’s Market Website.

Step 3: Set up your password. Select the store you mainly shop at. Don’t key your Russ’s Reward Card number if you have one.

Attention! Russ’s Reward Card holder, if you have already has a Russ’s Reward card, you don’t need to key your card number here.

Tips: Your password is better set with more than 8 digits long.  We recommend that a combination of number and letters includes 1 capital letter and 1 symbols such as !@#$&(). Don’t use your birthday or your name for password set up. You need to remember the password, it’s best to write it down.

Step 3: Fill your mailing address then click CREAT ACCOUNT/

Now you’re going to receive a confirmation mail from Russ’s / FreshOp. You’ve completed the Re-Register! Now, please try Sign-In to your account.


If you still are running into issue while you’re signing in / re-register, please contact: