B&R Stores, Inc., is dedicated to helping people achieve a high quality of life, and we believe being good stewards of our surroundings and fostering a healthy environment is an important part of this mission. Take a look at the list below to see what we’re doing at Russ’s Market to make our stores and the world around us more earth-friendly.

Store Construction

  • LED lighting is used in exterior and exit signage and in refrigerated door cases wherever possible.
  • New light fixtures with energy-efficient ballasts and lamps are being utilized in all remodeled stores.
  • Upgraded high-efficiency refrigeration and HVAC equipment is in place in most locations.
  • Extra insulation is added with every new roof installation.
  • Heat reclaim systems are used in the majority of stores to heat water and inside air.

In-Store Services

  • Recycling bins for plastic bags are available to employees and customers.
  • Reusable bags are offered for purchase (customers receive a discount on their grocery bill each time they reuse the bag).
  • City-sponsored recycling centers are provided at three Lincoln locations (33rd and Highway 2, Coddington and West A, and 63rd and Havelock).
  • We’re a proud participant of the Real. Local. campaign that promotes sustainable agriculture from local farmers.


  • We practice storewide recycling of all cardboard and paper products.
  • Our stores participate in the FoodNet program (picks up culled produce and products and redistributes them to food pantries throughout Nebraska).
  • A variety of partnerships formed with local farmers provide culled produce for livestock feed and/or composting.
  • Bakery and delicatessen grease is reconstituted as biodiesel fuel.
  • We continually evaluate how we can be better stewards of the environment by reducing landfill waste and energy consumption.
  • Our weekly newspaper insert is printed using environmentally friendly methods