McPhee Students visit 17th & Washington

We had a visit from the Kindergarten class at McPhee elementary school.003-300x225

They walked to their neighborhood Russ’s Market, 17th & Washington

Donna Danielson, our General Merchandise manager

led them on a tour of the store while they learned

about food groups and healthy eating using 54321


There were healthy snacks along the way of course

from the deli and the produce dept.001-300x225

With help from their teachers, the kids shopped for

food to make a healthy snack the next day at school.

It was a fun day for all (especially Donna). Everyone

left with a goodie bag and a successful grocery

shopping trip under their belt.

Come back soon kids!

Our new Kindergarten friends from Mcphee

Elementary sent us a scrapbook thanking us and telling the story of their trip at Russ’s Market.

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Each child sign the book!Mcphee-School-Tour-231-300x224Mcphee-School-Tour-201-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-221-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-191-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-241-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-211-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-161-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-131-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-181-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-151-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-171-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-110-300x224Mcphee-School-Tour-121-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-141-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-111-300x224Mcphee-School-Tour-71-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-81-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-101-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-91-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-51-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-31-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-61-300x225Mcphee-School-Tour-41-300x225

We are glad that you had fun, we hope to see you soon!

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